About us


At Mondo Grow Kits we believe in a local production, in high quality and in making growing psychedelic mushrooms accessible and easy for every adult. 

Amsterdam has always been the melting pot of open minded inventors. Thus, by being loyal towards brilliant inventors that paved the way, we decided to base our production in Amsterdam as a synonym of knowledge, innovation and inventiveness.

Thanks to the knowledge and the professionalism of our production staff and their everyday priority in quality and safety, we provide you with high quality Grow Kits. 

Our production was meant to embrace no chemical and the protection of the ecosystem in order to grant richer nutrients, better taste and preserve strain varieties. We decided to go organic because we want to preserve the strains’ purity. 

Our easy instructions aim to help you on the journey of cultivating psychedelic mushrooms at home. If you have struggles according to the growth or any questions according to psychedelic mushrooms we provide a passionate team and an in-house Doctor to help. 

Our Mission is to take you on an unforgettable growing experience in the most transparent way possible.

If you have more questions or want to know more about us, please get in contact with us via info@mondogrowkits.com.